Using Monty Python To Teach Students The Fundamentals OF Argument

We all remember some of the classic Monty Python lines:

Hilarious stuff, but fans know that so much of their material was incredibly intelligent and possibly over our heads. This particular video is a perfect way to introduce some of the fundamental principles of argument into the classroom.

To facilitate classroom discussion and activity, I have created this worksheet. You can download it for free, in either PDF or as a Google Digital resource with the links at the bottom of this entry.

This fun introduction to argument is part of a larger resource, Argument Evaluation and Analysis, available at our store.

I use this video as an in class activity or a homework assignment. Click on the links below for a free worksheet to use for either activity. The downloads are available as pdf or a paperless, fillable Google Digital resource. You can also go into more depth with your students with Argument Evaluation and Analysis